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Our Story


This is who we are!

Brace yourself, because at Holy Dough, we make Neapolitan-inspired

pizza and we wouldn't have it any other way. You see, we don't play by

anybody’s rules when it comes to pizza. It's Italian, but it's also South African.

We prepare our pizza crusts the same way we like our English muffins,

toasted: with a rich, deep shade of mahogany and a scattering of darker,

charred spots here and there. It just adds character.

Then, we select a combination of fresh, localLY  sourced ingredients, throw

them on top of a pizza and work our holy magic. At the end of the day, all

that matters is that it tastes great, right? Amen!


connecting    communities to a better way of eating pizza.



Inspiring communities through fermented dough, in-house, LOCALLY  sourced ingredients  + culture & design. 

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